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When your equipment leaves your facility, are you confident that your data is safe? If any asset tags were left on the machines, are you convinced that your computer recycler will remove them? Are you aware of what happens to your equipment once it leaves your facility? Are you being paid for your late model computer & office equipment, or are you just being charged for services?

With PCLiquidations our first priority is to make sure your data is safe. Depending on the recycling contract, this may be physical destruction of hard drives & media or logical drive wipes. We then work to try to remarket and repurpose the computers & electronics you send us. Reuse is an important component of keeping electronics out of our landfills. Extending the product life allows it to be placed back into the market and keeps it from having to be recycled while it still has usefulness. As a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, we put new legitimate Windows licenses on computers that are being remarketed. We don't try to reuse your license that is registered to you or your company.

Once the equipment has reached its end of life and has to be recycled, PCLiquidations responsibly recycles all electronics. We process the scrap while adhering to state laws and EPA regulations. We also only work with R2 vendors for our downstream process. We take the risk and headache out of computer recycling.

Computer Recycling FAQ

Is my hard drive data safe?

Yes, we adhere to many data security standards, read more about our data destruction services

I have a large amount of electronics to recycle, can you handle it?

Yes, we have over 50k square feet and can handle multiple semi loads a day.

We’re too busy to gather our stuff up for recycling, what do we do?

We have a white glove service where we can come in, inventory, pack up, and remove all the gear you request from your facility.

Why should we recycle with you instead of other recyclers?

With over 25 years of experience, our ITAD sales channels are unmatched, and we are often able to give back much better values than other recyclers while keeping your data completely safe.

I want my proprietary electronics destroyed, what can you do for me?

Every customer is different, we can certainly destroy your electronics if that is required. If requested, we can even provide video or photographic evidence.

My IT assets are only a couple years old, can you buy them?

Yes, we would love to bid on your IT assets. If you have a list we can send you a bid, or bring them in for a "sort and settle", where we pay for the usable items and recycle the scrap.

What kinds of items do you accept for recycling?

We accept almost all electronics including computers, LCD monitors, cell phones, business phones, printers, computer peripherals, cameras, networking hardware, cable boxes, as well as communications infrastructure.

Why should I even bother recycling my computer hardware?

Most electronics have toxic metals and other materials that can be very harmful to the environment if put in the landfill. Many states have also passed legislation regarding e-waste to help keep our environment safe.

I want to donate my computers to a non-profit so they can be reused, can you help?

We work with several non-profits and are able to refurbish equipment for redeployment through our Microsoft Registered Refurbisher certifications. Contact us to assist with PC donations so we can make sure your data is fully removed and then a new non-profit Microsoft license installed.

Why do you have to charge for certain items?

Other recyclers say everything is free...
We believe in full transparency when it comes to our recycling services. We pay for newer IT gear that still has value and charge for items that cost money to safely recycle. It's easy to get lost in the numbers but we provide full easy to read audits depending on your recycling requirements. Don't worry, most often the value of the resalable items far outweighs the data destruction costs:

Example: 10 Dell i-series PCs. We pay $40 each, so $400 total.

Services cost: -$100

Total paid out to customer $300 after services & certified data destruction performed.

What areas do you serve?

We recycle computers all over the United States but are regularly in the following areas of the Southeast:

E-Waste Materials Recycled

Computers & PCs
LCD Monitors
Point of Sale
Telecom Hardware
Security Hardware
Satellite Equipment
Cable Boxes
Radio Equipment
Hard Drives
Data Collection Devices

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