Hypercom L4250 010314-012 Credit Card Terminal with Signature Pad Unit Only

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Hypercom L4250 010314-012 Credit Card Terminal with Signature Pad
Power supply/Pen/Stand NOT included.
Here’s compact streamlining at its best: the Optimum L4250.
Easy to use and attractive at the same time, using Hypercom’s
innovative, dual-sided, bi-directional magnetic stripe reader means your
customers won’t have to deal with frustrating fumbles. In fact, you get
accurate card data reads well beyond the nominal swipe-speed range
so you can reduce lanes slowdowns and cashier interactions.
The unit’s large, easy-to-read LCD screen not only offers
outstanding signature capture, it lets you communicate branding and
merchandizing messages quickly. Custom screens are easy to update
and let you extend loyalty campaigns and promotional specials.
The Optimum L4250 not only looks fast, it is fast – its Intel XScale®
32-bit processor rockets transactions to the ECR/payment device.
It also supports advanced communications like USB and Ethernet for
even faster transaction speed. This is how you turn every lane into
the fast lane.