Biddle TDR Cable Fault Locator Model 535

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This unit is used in excellent condition. It is guaranteed to power up. Calibration is not guaranteed. The BIDDLE Model 535 is a long Range Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR) also known as Pulse Echo or Radar. It uses the TDR principles to test cables and provides a visual electronic display of the cable under test.

Reflections of the cable discontinuities are displayed on the CRT. The distance to any discontinuity can be measured and displayed in Feet, Meters, or Microseconds.

  • Examination of a single line.
  • Comparison between a good pair and a faulty pair.
  • Difference between a good pair and a faulty pair, so that scope reflections cancel from common features such as splices and change of wire guage or insulation.
  • Location of crosstalk points.
  • 'Before and after' comparison using the memory facility.