Nortel Norstar/Meridian Cordless Handset for M7410 & M2616 CT Models

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Color: Ash/Champaigne Grey
New Vibrating Battery included

Is your Norstar M7410 or Meridian M2616CT Cordless Handset not working like it once was? Bad reception? Does the display have broken pixel lines? Or is it just worn from wear and tear?

Then maybe it is time to replace your old handset with a new one!

Although we can NOT promise your problem is caused solely from your old handset, we have found most of the time it is.

Programming the new handset to your telephone is easy! Simple unplug your line cord and power cord from the back of the phone, place the new handset on the cradle w/battery attached, and plug the line cord and power cord back in. Wait til the lights and display stop flashing and bingo--your new handset is ready for use. (may erase stored features on phone)

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