Dynatron DB1206SP Cyclone Blower

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The Dynatron DB1206SP is a great solution for lowering your PC temperature and creating a proper airflow profile in your system. Featuring a high-powered 2500 RPM fan, this highly efficient exhaust cooler is very quiet and can be easily mounted into any expansion slot.


* Model: Dynatron DB1206SP System Cyclone Blower (RETAIL)
* Item No: C1628
* General Features:
- Mounts in your PCs expansion slot
- Super Quiet
- 2500 rated RPM
- Exclusive Blade Design
- 40R0more cooling over 80mm Case Fans
- High Cooling Efficiency
- 22CFM Air Flow
- 3.125" Brushless Fan (120mm)
- 4-pin Power

Compatibility: Fits in any Expansion Slot; Standard 4-Pin Power