Iwatsu Adix IX-4TRAN Four Conference Circuit Card

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The 4TRAN contains four conference circuits for trunk-to-trunk conferences, remote call forward calls, and outgoing calls using DISA. Each circuit includes a line tone supervision circuit to monitor the line status to detect disconnect by any outside party. This card is required to meet the various programmable parameters for disconnect detection other than a loop open signal. Without the IX-4TRAN, outside line disconnect can only be detected if a loop open signal is provided from the central office. This card also
provides automatic gain control of the outside line level on each line engaged in a trunk-to-trunk conference. Trunk-to-trunk conferences, remote call
forwarding, and outgoing calls using DISA can be performed without this card, if tone supervision and automatic gain control are not required. This card is required if the Speed Dial Forward feature is used in an ACD Call Sequence Table in ACD version 2 software.

  • For use with the Iwatsu Key Telephone System ADIX -50, -100, -200